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Leased Asset Management

Aviation Asset Management's (AAM's) skills, developed in the competitive airline industry, means we are one of the few independant non-aligned companies that have access to the comprehensive toolbox of processes and experienced staff which are essential to providing lessors with effective asset management services. This ensures our clients receive balanced information, evaluation data and advice.

AAM can monitor the technical condition of a range of commercial aircraft and engines during the term of their lease, and periodically review the agreed schedule of inspections and maintenance reserves to adjust for variations in the technical or financial performance of the lessee.

AAM can provide teams of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to inspect aircraft during the lease term at the operators facility or convenient airport locations and audit the aircraft's maintenance records as required.

AAM can provide oversight that will identify any shortcomings in the management of the asset, and provide advice as to the most suitable way to address those discrepancies. By co-operating with lessees AAM can ensure that all the requirements of the lease contracts are being strictly complied with, providing better value in managing the aircraft lease.

AAM can provide expertise in maintenance reserve analysis ensuring that any reserves paid by the lessee are appropriately distributed in order to, preserve the full residual value of the asset.