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About AAM Affiliate Astral Aviation Consultants

Astral Aviation Consultants

Astral Limited is a New Zealand based aviation consultancy formed in 1997 servicing a range of airport, airline and government clients within New Zealand and overseas. Astral's capabilities cover three main areas; Aircraft evaluation and aircraft performance, airport development, and airline navigation service, computer flight planning and fuel management.


Dave ParkDave Park

Dave specializes in air transport flight operations, aircraft performance, aircraft and airport noise management, fleet planning, airport technical development and development of regulatory requirements.

Dave has held various technical, aircraft performance and senior managerial positions with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, Air New Zealand and Qantas New Zealand. Dave's skill-set includes preparation of aircraft performance data, flight path analysis, aircraft evaluation, aircraft introduction, engine and airframe condition monitoring, ETOPS requirements, aircraft noise, runway evaluation, airport development and land use planning and air-ground data links.

He has worked extensively with airport companies, civil aviation authorities, aircraft manufacturers, legal and acoustics consultants and industry organisations and has an extensive network of industry contacts including the major aircraft manufacturers.

Dave holds a Masters Degree in aeronautical engineering and an MBA. He is a UK Chartered Engineer, a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators.

Kevin MurrayKevin Murray

Kevin has 28 years aviation experience including 7 years as an RNZAF navigator, 19 years with international airlines working in the areas of navigation services, flight planning, flight management systems, ETOPS planning, electronic flight bags, overflight permits and airways charging and 2 years with Lido Systems planning, implementing and supporting the introduction of advanced computer flight planning systems to airlines.

Kevin has wide experience with the selection and implementation of computer flight planning systems, setting up airline navigation services, CNS/ATM/FANS procedures and all aspects of airline navigation services.